Ponza pot saucer

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Available colors:
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(*) Additional colors available for items marked with an asterisk:

ItemDimensionAvailable ColorsPieces/cartonCarton/palletPieces/palletean
707Ø16/18 (15×1,7h)
6403019200Codice EAN
700(*) Ø20 (18×2,5h)
5003015000Codice EAN
701(*) Ø25 (20×2,5h)
300309000Codice EAN
702(*) Ø30 (24x3h)
256307680Codice EAN
733Ø33 (26x4h)
280185040Codice EAN
703(*) Ø35 (27×3,5h)
240184320Codice EAN
734Ø38 (30×4,5h)
21091890Codice EAN
704(*) Ø40 (32×4,2h)
210122520Codice EAN
735Ø43 (36x5h)200
91800Codice EAN
705Ø50 (40×5,2h)
94181692Codice EAN
706Ø60 (45×5,7h)
8012960Codice EAN

Ponza pot mover

ItemDimensionAvailable ColorsPieces/cartonCarton/palletPieces/palletean
741Ø30 (26x8h)
50301500Codice EAN
742Ø35 (30x9h)
6012720Codice EAN
743Ø40 (36x10h)
70181260Codice EAN
710Ø50 (40×5,2h)
789702Codice EAN
711Ø60 (45×5,7h)
4012480Codice EAN